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Bert Croom Private Investigations Training!

Bert Croom Private Investigation Training instructors bring years of hands on experience in their area of expertise and instructional fields.

In-Service Training can be the most cost effective option for training multiple people. For a single fee an agency can send their agents to the course of BCPI In-Service courses provide training for five to thirty persons. This could save over 30% of the cost of training personnel individually. BCPI In-Service training allows agencies to quickly respond to immediate training needs and can be set up in a matter of weeks. Bert Croom Private Investigation In-Service Training has open enrollment. However if a Company would like to have only their agents in training. This can be accomplished with a scheduled No open enrollment class for that company so the sponsoring agency has complete control over the attendance.

Amount of tuition is $150.00 per class 6.0 hour class for a Total $150.00 for the entire 6 hour CEU class.

If the Participant registers for a total of 8.0 hours the cost is $200.00 for the entire 8 hour CEU class.

If the Participant registers for a total of 12.0 hours the cost is $300.00 for the entire 12 hour CEU class.

Breakfast, lunch drinks and snacks are provided throughout the day!

Cost of No Open Enrollment: The amount in this case depends on the amount of attendees the company is sending to the training.

Individual Investigators that require In-service training to complete their 12 hours of training prior to their license being re-issued are welcome to choose from any class they would like and apply with the registration form supplied in pdf format. Just print it off and fill out the form you can fax it or e-mail it and get started on your way to higher learning.

Investigator company owners may also want to send their investigator associates to a class they feel they may need. They are welcome to fill out the registration form and tour our facility at any time prior to setting up training for their team of investigators.

Name of Program: Continuing Education (CE) credit as specified in 12 NCAC 7D.1302 for a period of 4 years. See Courses below.


Ethics (PPSB-10-442) 6 hours

Litigation Support / Process Service (PPSB-10-452) 6 hours


Report Writing / Field Note Taking (PPSB-10-443) 6 hours

Developing Sources of Information/CSI/Known Sources/Computer Sources (PPSB-10-445) 4 hours


Domestic Cases / Divorce / Child Custody / Infidelity (PPSB-10-450) 6 hours


Business Operation Interviewing Clients / Contracts / Fee Collection / Case Management (PPSB-10-445) 8 hours


Domestic Violence Investigation (PPSB-13-801) 8 hours


Civil Cases / Workers Compensation / Personal Injury (PPSB-10-451) 6 hours credit

Interviews / Witness and Victims (PPSB-10-446) 6 hours credit


Death Investigation (PPSB-13-800) 8 hours


Hostage Negotiation for the Private Investigator (PPSB-12-784) 8 hours


Courtroom Testimony / Conduct Before, during and after (PPSB-10-453) 8 hours


Suicide Intervention for the Private Investigator (PPSB-12-783) 12 hours


Litigation Support / Process Service (PPSB-10-452) 6 hours


Ethics (PPSB-10-442) 6 hours

Criminal Investigation / Capitol Crimes / PI’s Role (PPSB-10-449) 6 hours


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