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Investigator Training CE Credits

Bert Croom Private Investigation Training Registration FormBert Croom has been approved on August 19th 2010, to instruct 13 Courses. All Courses are approved by the Private Protective Services Board and Training & Standards of NC.Name of Program: Continuing Education (CE) credit as specified in 12 NCAC 7D.1302 for a period of 4 years. See Courses below.1.        Ethics Class (PPSB-10-442) 6 hours credit2.        Report Writing / Field Note Taking (PPSB-10-443) 6 hours credit3.        Video Techniques / 35 mm and Digital Techniques and Application (PPSB-10-444) 6 hours credit4.        Developing Sources of Information/CSI/Known Sources/Computer Sources (PPSB-10-445 4 hrs credit5.        Interviews / Witness and Victims (PPSB-10-446) 6 hours credit6.        Interviewing Suspects and Interrogation (PPSB-10-447) 6 hours credit7.        Surveillance / Moving / Stationary / Static / GPS (PPSB-10-448) 6 hours credit8.        Criminal Investigation / Capitol Crimes / Private Investigator Role. (PPSB-10-449) 6 hrs credit9.        Domestic Cases / Divorce / Child Custody / Infidelity  (PPSB-10-450) 6 hours credit10.     Civil Cases / Workers Compensation / Personal Injury (PPSB-10-451) 6 hours credit11.     Litigation Support / Process Service (PPSB-10-452) 6 hours credit12.     Courtroom Testimony / Conduct Before, During and After (PPSB-10-453) 8 hours credit13.     Business Operation Interviewing Clients / Contracts / Fee Collection / Case Management (PPSB-10-445) 8 hours credit.The Courses will be instructed at Bert Croom Private Investigation Office at Beau Rivage 6230 Carolina beach Road Wilmington NC 28412. Call 910-350-6777 for information on Dates and times of this training and the specific courses you are interested in taking. Call Front Office Manager 910-350-6777 for more Information on classes. Many other classes added see new schedule!!